ALPHA-1 High Intensity LED Searchlight


High Intensity LED Searchlight

Our searchlight can be used safely for disaster relief operations even under harsh environments such as adverse weather conditions and dust. By using a high intensity LED as a light source and combination with rechargeable battery, you can use a powerful searchlight where and when you need it.
The following three types are available depending on the application.

  • ALPHA-1
    Portable type

    Excellent portability with integrated battery built-in structure

    Mobility type

    Furthermore, it is easy to aim the target and easy to adjust the irradiation angle

01Light source

  • 01High Intensity LED

    Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, awareness of reducing power consumption has increased, and LEDs as lighting fixtures are becoming more common due to their long life and low power consumption. The value that indicates how much the input electrical energy can be converted into light (visible light) is called conversion efficiency. The conversion efficiency of light bulbs and fluorescent lamps is said to be 10-20%, but LEDs are improved it to 30-50%. Those that have been devised to further improve conversion efficiency or emit light more efficiently are called high intensity LEDs.
    The high intensity LED has an overwhelmingly low power consumption and efficiently converts electric energy into visible light while suppressing heat generation, so it can emit very powerful light.

  • 02Powerful Light

    The powerful light emitted by our searchlights is 3.1 million candela when using the “luminosity” representing the intensity of light. The lighthouse that is said to be the brightest in Japan (the brightest and the longest distance) is the Cape Muroto Lighthouse in Kochi Prefecture, which has a light intensity of 1.6 million candela. Using familiar examples, the car’s high beam that passes the inspection is said to be more than 15,000 candela. You will know that our searchlight is very bright just by comparing with these.
    The flashing mode using the powerful light is available for emergency rescue signals and blinding effect.

  • 03Excellent responsiveness

    There is a survey result that the braking distance of the following car is shortened by the fast lighting speed after adopting the LED for the stop lamp of the car.
    In this way, it is possible to capture the target by irradiating with the maximum amount of brightness from the moment our searchlight is also turned on. In this way, short install time is one of the advantage of high intensity LEDs.

  • 04Almost no decrease in illumination

    As shown in the graph on the left, a major feature of our searchlights is that there is almost no decrease in illuminance even when using the built-in battery. This means that there is no correlation between the remaining battery level and the decrease in illumination due to LEDs driver control.
    We expect that powerful light of our searchlight will help your project succeed.

  • 05Excellent life cycle balance

    In general, a light with strong brightness shortens the life of the light source by increasing the conversion efficiency of electric energy (conversion efficiency = luminous flux / power (lm / w)). Therefore, the final cost may increase due to repair or replacement.
    Our searchlight has a long light source life = long product life, so it can be said that it has an excellent product life cycle balance.

    * Life cycle balance refers to the overall balance of man-hours and required expenses for repair and replacement in the process (life cycle) related to management from purchase to product life.

  • 06Safety unique to LEDs

    Since the LED contains almost no ultraviolet or infrared radiation like HID, the load on the irradiated object can be reduced. Also, most HID lights contain mercury inside, and there is a concern about impact to the environment when it damaged or discarded.
    In addition, our high-brightness LEDs can be used safely without worrying about burns due to heat generation due to the excellent thermal control described below.

  • 01
    High Intensity LED
  • 02
    Powerful Light
  • 03
    Excellent responsiveness
  • 04
    Almost no decrease in illumination
  • 05
    Excellent life cycle balance
  • 06
    Safety unique to LEDs

02Excellent thermal control

  • 01Overheat prevention function

    In cold regions, the heat from the HID headlights melts snow near the lights. A light that emits a strong brightness generates a large amount of electrical energy and generates heat at the same time. Therefore, overheat prevention function is attached to the light of strong brightness.
    The greater the amount of heat generated, the sooner the overheat prevention function will be activated from the start of use, and the user may not be able to use it for the expected time.
    Our searchlight is designed to release heat so that it does not generate heat until the overheat prevention function is activated.

  • 02Recycling time

    As mentioned previously, light with strong brightness generates a lot of heat, but there are some products that require time before the next use due to this heat. The time until the light can be emitted is called the recycle time.
    HID is attractive due to large luminous flux, and it has a light emission principle similar to that of a fluorescent lamp. Depending on the type of HID, it may take a certain amount of time to re-light.
    Our searchlight can be used immediately after use.

  • 03Low power consumption

    As mentioned above, excellent heat control by the ultra-bright LED extends time until the overheat prevention function works, and almost no recycling time is required.
    As a result, heat generation of the product body is suppressed, and waste of the battery due to low power consumption can be suppressed. In addition, it reduces the burden on the product and contributes to the light source and product life.

  • 01
    Overheat prevention function
  • 02
    Recycling time
  • 03
    Low power consumption

03Environment resistance, impact resistance

  • 01IP67 waterproof and dustproof performance

    The number on the right of IP67 indicates the degree of protection for waterproof (0 to 8), and the number on the left indicates the degree of protection for dustproof (0 to 6). The waterproof function is a protection class 7 in which water does not enter even if it is submerged under the specified pressure and time. The dust-proof function is 6 which is the maximum grade that dust intrusion is completely protected.
    As shown in the video on the left, a waterproof and dustproof test is performed to confirm the protection function against environmental resistance such as bad weather and dust. Therefore, it can be used safely in areas such as deserts and rainforests.

  • 02Wide operating temperature range

    As a result of environmental temperature test at high and low temperature, it can be used safely between -20 ~ 55 ℃.
    Our searchlights can be used in cold areas, rainforests, and desert areas without any problems because they are not affected by ambient temperature, especially light flux attenuation at low temperatures.

  • 03Results at Mali & Djibouti

    Mali has a tropical savanna climate with an average temperature of 27.8 ° C. It is an area where the temperature difference is large between the rainy season and the dry season. The Republic of Djibouti has a desert climate with an average temperature of 36 degrees Celsius, and in summer there are days that exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Although the rainfall is low, the average humidity is 67% due to the coastal area.
    It’s not just a flat road paved with asphalt. One of the unique features of LED light sources is that they are resistant to such vibrations.
    Even in such areas, our searchlights are succeeded with both Japanese and foreign units.

  • 04Drop test from 6 directions and 1m height

    Drops and impacts during product transportation and use are the most common causes of failure and damage.
    It is said that the laptop will be tested for drop testing assuming that it falls from a slightly higher position than the office desk.
    In the same way, our searchlights have been tested for drop from a height of 1m, which is closer to the position they were holding than when carrying them, and confirmed that they can be used normally.

  • 01
    IP67 waterproof and dustproof performance
  • 02
    Wide operating temperature range
  • 03
    Results at Mali & Djibouti
  • 04
    Drop test from 6 directions and 1m height

04Light quality

  • 01Uniform light

    The photo on the left was taken by illuminating our searchlight(right side) and another company’s light(left side) on a white wall in a dark room.
    Our light is uniform and the other is unevenness.
    This is called illuminance unevenness, but illuminance is a physical quantity that represents the brightness of light that illuminates the surface of an object. In general, it is said that it is more comfortable for indoor lighting to have this uneven illumination.

  • 02Uniform light effect

    How does the light difference in the previous photo make a difference when used?
    The photo on the left was taken by illuminating our searchlight(right side) and another company’s light(left side) at the outdoor in night time.
    The picture shows that there is such a difference in how the irradiated object looks.
    Our searchlight can accurately grasp the target.

  • 03Long range of ALPHA-1

    A portable and powerful searchlight is one of the prerequisites for long range capability.
    The photo on the left is taken from 1.5km across the lake.

  • 04Long range effect

    Not only does it need to deliver light over long distances, but it doesn’t mean anything if that light is not available.
    Our searchlight’s light is well enough to read newspapers even at a distance of 1.5 km.

  • 01
    Uniform light
  • 02
    Uniform light effect
  • 03
    Long range of ALPHA-1
  • 04
    Long range effect


  • 01Search activities at night or in the dark

    Large floodlights cannot enter the scene at night or in dark places during search activities. Large floodlights are fixed to the vehicle and may not flexible to use a rescue activities.
    If there is a chasm in the collapsed building through which people can pass, rescue team can deliver bright light to the search target, and improve searching activity.
    The greatest advantage of our searchlights is the ability to use portable the brightness of fixed lights such as floodlight.

  • 02Security and inspection of bases and plants

    It is possible to detect suspicious objects approaching the gate early and stop them while maintaining a safe distance.
    In addition, bases and plants have a wide area and many structures, so it may take time to patrol every corner.
    Our searchlights can be used to monitor or inspect simply by irradiating strong light, even at high places, distant places, and high ceiling of facilities. It is possible to incorporate our searchlight into usual patrol or inspection.

  • 03Fire fighting activities at the waterside

    Fires do not only occur on land, but when there is a ship fire at the waterside, there is a limit to illuminating from the land with a floodlight mounted on the vehicle.
    A floodlight fixed to the boat may not be flexible.
    Even if the site is onshore, such as an oil complex fire, it may not even be possible to approach depending on the severity of the fire.
    With our searchlights that can handle long ranges, it is possible to irradiate the site and grasp the situation while ensuring safety.

  • 04Border guard / Coast guard

    On land, monitoring can be enhanced by using systems such as sensors and cameras. On the coastline with various characteristics, not only on the sea but also in the sea is the target, and security activities complicated.
    Moreover, coast guard need to security and control activities such as smuggling, poaching, ship navigation monitoring and search and rescue activities.
    It is possible to monitor suspicious objects while maintaining a safe distance using our searchlight.

  • 05countermeasures for UAV

    Troubles caused by UAV have increased resently.
    As a countermeasure against the violation of the territorial air and Secret photography of UAV, our searchlight find it and prevent to record with strong light.

  • 06 Riot control/Low light tactics

    Our searchlight can be switched between two modes: lighting and flashing. By flashing powerful light, a blinding effect can be obtained, and we believe that it will help your mission during an applicaion previously described so far without using weapons.

  • 01
    Search activities at night or in the dark
  • 02
    Security and inspection of bases and plants
  • 03
    Fire fighting activities at the waterside
  • 04
    Border guard / Coast guard
  • 05
    countermeasures for UAV
  • 06
    Riot control/Low light tactics

06Always from the customer's point of view

  • 01Easy targeting

    By using a sling and holding the searchlight like a gun, the design makes it easy to aim and adjust the irradiation angle even if there is a distance from the target.

  • 02Consideration for safety

    A lens guard is attached to the front to prevent the lens from cracking and to prevent the lens from dropping during use.

  • 03High versatility

    By using Picatinny rails, you can customize what you need for your searchlights. It is possible to have versatility.

  • 04Portability/Mobility

    The searchlight with built-in battery integrated into a single unit for easy handling and excellent portability. In addition, handles and other items are attached to make it easy to grasp and carry.

  • 01
    Easy targeting
  • 02
    Consideration for safety
  • 03
    High versatility
  • 04


  • 01Floating soft case

    Even when the ALPHA-1/ALPHA-TAC is stored, this case is designed not only to float in water but also to prevent water from getting inside. The case has a hand-held handle and can be used as a backpack. A mall is attached on both sides of this case, and it can be customized and used.

  • 02Floating jacket

    By attaching this jacket to ALPHA-1/ALPHA-TAC like a life jacket, it is possible to float it in the water. This is because ALPHA-1 has a waterproof function of IP67.

  • 03Tripod

    There are two types of tripod for ALPHA-1/ALPHA-TAC or ALPHA-VM.
    This is useful when you want to use a fixed searchlight.

  • 04Rechargeable spare battery

    This is a rechargeable battery for ALPHA-1 / ALPHA-TAC.
    By carrying a spare battery, it is possible to use ALPHA-1 / ALPHA-TAC continuously.

  • 05Output power supply unit

    Used to connect AC / DC power supply and ALPHA-1 / ALPHA-TAC.
    Input voltage: AC100~240 V

  • 06Vehicle power supply cable

    Power supply from the vehicle power port
    Input voltage : 24 V

  • 01
    Floating soft case
  • 02
    Floating jacket
  • 03
  • 04
    Rechargeable spare battery
  • 05
    Output power supply unit
  • 06
    Vehicle power supply cable


* Please download and confirm the detailed contents such as SPEC from the following DOWNLOAD.